Police officer acquitted after shooting unarmed man in back

A Pennsylvania police officer who tased and then shot an unarmed man was acquitted of murder after crying and saying she didn’t want to shoot the man.

While shooting the man full of electricity, causing him involuntary convulsions, she lost sight of his hands and decided to shoot him twice in the back because he might have had a weapon.

She said she was afraid, which in addition to poor police work, was sufficient to earn her an acquittal.

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2 thoughts on “Police officer acquitted after shooting unarmed man in back

  • October 30, 2017 at 1:45 am

    When will we Americans finally learn that the majority of the police depts across the U.S.can get away with ANYTHING!!?? That crap about ” innocent until blah, blah, blah” doesn’t exist now and never really did. It has little to do with race, overall. It DOES have to do with the fact that our rights are being systematically stripped.
    This country locks up more of its own citizens than ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON THIS DAMN PLANET!! If we want change then it has to start at home. I can’t say what I’d like to cuz I’d be locked by mid-week…… but, suffice it to say , when they’ve successfully done away with the 2nd amendment , then it’s a real short song and Poof !!….. Welcome to the United Nations- of America. If we , state by state, got rid of lazy assed politicians who’ve never worked a day in their lives, judges too… and replaced them with men and women who can remember that they represent ” We the People ” , and not their greed. Oh yeah, make the police accountable for their bullshit and when they run batshit crazy with that batman belt full of weapons of mass destruction on someone with a broken tail light. If they actually finally get a piece of time….PUT EM IN GENERAL POPULATION!

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